Denim a more complicated product to develop, compared to woven and knitted products. It is also one of the most polluting products and every small step in the process that can be improved can make a big difference for big orders. 

How can you create and develop a more sustainable, better fitting denim product?

How can we work together?

For years I've been working with denim related products, the technical aspect to the product makes me very excited! 


To create denim garments the Design, Pattern and Fitting need to be done with extra care, due to the character and variations of quality of the denim fabrics. Non-stretch, stretch, lefthand till or broken twill, 7 oz - 16 oz, etc. When the design and fabric are selected, the pattern is created and the fit is approved - the garment then goes into the wash process. All work up until the wash process needs to be carefully managed to achieve a sustainable and well-fitted denim product.


Each new development is a challenge and the industry is developing fast towards more sustainable processes. With this experience, I can support your business and share my knowledge.

First, key background information is essential. My starting questions would be the following:

- How does your denim development process look today?

- How conscious and transparent are your denim products?

- What fabrics are you using?

- How can you select fabrics to improve your washes and create a conscious product?

- Can you manage your patterns in combination with denim fabric – from stretch to raw, heavyweight denim?

Possible next steps are listed below.  

- Educate why and how the denim product is complex - to your team or denim developers.

- Support in fit development in combination with fabric sourcing.

- Wash development with only sustainable steps.

- Research to see how your wash development can be more conscious.

AMK Atelier will adapt and customize the work based on the needs or project from the client.

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