Handmade and reusable face mask. This face mask is handmade in the AMK atelier by Maria. The fabric comes from India and the pattern is created by woodblock prints and it is natural dyed in indigo. The elasticated straps are army green, and in there is a small elasticated tape attached at the side seams for perfect fit. You can wash the mask after wearing, and reuse over and over again.


The blue in this mask is created using natural Indigo. Indigo is a dye different than any other. It does not require a mordant, rather it is dyed through a living fermentation process. A vat of indigo is complex and requires proper instruction, experience, commitment, and comprehension of what's going on in the dye vat, and requires maintaining a balanced alkaline solution. To achieve dark blue I immerse the fabric in the dye bath numerous times, allowing the cloth to dry between sessions, layering the color on the cloth creates a darker blue with each dip. 


Each face mask is handmade and unique, so no mask will look exactly the same. As this is product is made of natural fibers and colors the mask can change color slightly intime. This is normal for this kind of product.

Indigo face mask - woodblock print


    Size: Unisex



    Earstrap: 15cm

    Center front: 14,5cm

    Side seam: 8cm

    Width: 23cm



    Shelf fabric: Woodblock printed & natural indigo dyed 100% cotton fabric

    Lining: 100% Natural linen

    Elastication: 100% Polyester


    Made in Amsterdam