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This quilted pillow is made with linen, cotton: all recycled fabrics from other projects made in the atelier. The colors are obtained using natural (plant based) dyes. Some of the fabrics are hand-dyed by me in my atelier, here in Amsterdam. Traditional quilts inspire the design. The filling in the pillow is made out of 100% recycled pet bottles, and itfeatures a blind zipper in polyester (still looking for recycled blind zippers).


The yellow fabrics are colored using the onion peals, collected by me and my mom, who sent a big bag from Sweden to contribute to this project. The yellow shades are dyed in my atelier in Amsterdam.


In this pillow, I have used old linen towels that my grandmother has made. The towels are woven with a striped pattern and each towel has hand embroidered letters as for the signature of my grandfather.


Each pillow is handmade and unique, so no pillow will have the same material or look. As this is product is made of natural fibers and colors the pillow can change color slightly intime. This is normal for this kind of product.


Quilted pillow - onion

  • Details:

    Size: 50x50 cm



    Shell fabric: MIX recycled left over fabrics - Cotton, Linen 

    Inner cushion: 100% Recycled PET bottles

    Labels: 100% Organic cotton

    Hidden zipper: Metall and polyester 


    Made in Amsterdam


    AMK atelier creates a limited collection of decorative pillows made of recycled materials. 

    By purchasing this pillow you donate €5 in support of workers in the clothing industry in India, that are suffering from the corona pandemic crisis – read more about the collaboration here.


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