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AMK atelier creates a limited collection of decorative pillows made of recycled materials, sold to enhance your interior and to collect money for workers in the clothing sector in India that are suffering from the corona pandemic crisis.


For each sold pillow €5 will be donated to Arisa’s (Advocating Rights In South Asia) which is an organization that supports several projects in India. 


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Each pillow is handmade and unique; no pillow will have the same material or look. 


The colors are achieved using natural (plant-based) dyes. Some of the fabrics are hand-dyed by Maria in her atelier, in Amsterdam. Some fabrics are left over from projects in the atelier or collected during travels and over the years.


The filling in the pillows is made of 100% recycled pet bottles. All pillows are finished with blind zippers. As this product is made of natural fibers and colors, the pillow can change color slightly over time.


The designs for the pillows are inspired by traditional quilts, Japanese decorative stitches called Sashiko, indigo patch work, braiding and origami folding.

"I have always been passionate about sustainable consumption but in today’s world with Corona, taking care of ourselves and the earth has become even more important to me. I wanted to contribute, but in the most sustainable way possible, so I decided to create beautiful, handcrafted pillows for our homes (where we now spend a lot of time) made out of upcycled materials."



Arisa, formerly the India Committee of The Netherlands, is an independent non-governmental human rights organisation that has been working since 1976 to defend human rights in South Asia. 


The Prime Minister of India announced lockdown in connection with the corona crisis. The whole country is at a standstill, nobody is allowed to go outside and public transport has come to a halt. Now that there is no more work in the factories, households, mines and construction sites, millions of people no longer have an income.


Arisa’s partners in Tamil Nadu, which is home to many garment factories and spinning mills, are currently active in distributing food to the most vulnerable workers to avoid starvation.  

Read more here about Arisa's work and how the donations for the pillows will support their causes!

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