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To create denim garments the Design, Pattern and Fitting needs to be done with extra care due to the character and variations of quality of the denim fabrics; non-stretch, stretch, left hand twill to broken twill, 7 oz - 16 oz, etc. When the design and fabric are selected, the pattern is created and the fit is approved - the garment is ready for the wash process.


Product development is a lot like cooking – the chef’s talent is only half the story; you need good quality ingredients to make the dish stand out. The same goes for products – knowing the background and technical aspects to the fibers and materials you choose is essential in order to develop a conscious collection.

How can we work together?

- How does your fabric sourcing look like today?

- Are you aware of the process from fibre yarn to cloth?

- What is the impact from/of the fibers your company works with?

- What makes a denim fabric so unique, and why is indigo so special?

fibers & yarn


Each new development is a challenge, and the industry is developing fast towards more sustainable processes. With my experience in sustainable denim development and production I can support your business and share my knowledge.​


How can we work together?

- How does your denim development process look today?

- Where does your brand find inspiration for new denim fits? 

- Do you manage your patterns in combination with denim fabric – from stretch, non-stretch to heavyweight denim?

- How does fabric shrinkage effect your fits?


An unwashed jean all by itself is actually ready to wear in its raw shape, but time and trends have made us all love the shades and depths of a worn-in product. To achieve the vintage look, pre-treatments and washes are necessary but water and chemical intensive. My experience in the sustainable denim industry can offer cleaner solutions.

How can we work together?

- How conscious and transparent are your denim development processes?

- What washes are you currently using?

- How can you select fabrics to improve your washes and create a conscious product?

- Do you already measure the impact of your washes?

wash laundry


A hard truth, but denim is one of the most polluting items to produce in the fashion industry, so it’s our responsibility to create smarter products with less impact. What steps is your brand taking to make less environmental impact? Is there an initiative towards making circular products?​

How can we work together?

- Are there steps in your denim collection today that are regarded as sustainable? 

- What is your plan for future collections and developments?

- Can your product be created by waste or manmade fibers?

- How can the product be circular and recycled?


- Educate your team or denim developers how and why the denim product is complex.

- Support in fit development in combination with fabric sourcing.

- Wash development with only sustainable steps.

- Research more conscious options for your wash developments.

AMK Atelier will adapt and customize the work based on the needs or project from the client.

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