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I joined Kings of Indigo in 2014 after meeting Tony Tonnaer (the Founder). I was mostly curious about the sustainable approach that Kings of Indigo took in creating their denim products. Kings of Indigo was one of the few denim brands that made both men’s and women’s denim to the same high standard and this was a huge thing for me. It was (and still is) important to me to work with a company that prioritises women. Their combination of American heritage and Japanese denim meant they created feminine fits but with an edge and real denim touch, and I found this inspiring. 

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I worked as Queen of Product. My technical background combined with a creative mindset was something that made me have a unique position. Kings of Indigo is a progressive and innovative brand that thinks outside the box, that does the most and best it can with limited resources. This was an environment that challenged me - we had to produce small quantities in a sustainable way, to coordinate sourcing, fits, special collections, developing jeans, sweats to outerwear. I worked on the whole cycle of a collection; from technical sketches and fittings, to styling for the photoshoot. 




Relationship building is something I was able to develop at Kings of Indigo. Every six weeks I would be visiting suppliers and production locations, meeting with pattern makers and wash developers, seeing first hand how people work and do things. This opened up my learning massively, and I am grateful for the five years that I worked at this inspirational brand.

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