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Norslund 1:6 is founded by Timmy Persson - a freelance denim tailor, carpenter, and all-round craftsman. Located in the heart of Bergslagen, Sweden, Timmy is a very talented tailor who designs and creates all garments in his basement where he has a machineparc full och specials. Follow him on Instagram Norslund 1 :6 for more inspiration.



Timmy designed garments and products that were well fitting for him, but he needed the technical design experience of AMK atelier to align his design to a body standard and a size curve in order to sell to customers with all sizes and shapes.

Body size & market research

- The project started with a market research of the client’s target group; who would be the customer, where do they live, what is the average size, Europe standard or north Nordic standard etc. Together we concluded his customer profile and body measurements.

Graded body size measurement

- Aligning with the average body size for Norslund 1:6, AMK atelier added grading on how the body would grow - from small/short to big/tall - and created a graded size specification for each size in the size curve fitting the client’s need.


Each design department needs a good base to start up their designs and fits, in order to keep a consistent red line throughout their collection. 

Standard blocks - Shirt, Jacket, Jean, Jeano 

- By creating base fit blocks for Timmy’s best selling styles we made sure his base silhouettes were alignedacross all product groups. With this pattern library for his base blocks, he can use same block for new designs and fabrics in the future. He can develop his designs and products knowing that the product will fit well in each development. 

Graded blocks 

- Each block was graded in matching size curve to the define size for Norslund 1:6 customer and target group. 

The apparel blocks were graded from XXS-XXL. 

The bottoms were graded from 26"-36" in was it with 3 inseams.

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