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Welcome to AMK atelier, my name is Maria!

I’m a maker specialized in Technical Design, Visual Merchandising and Sustainable Solutions.


I believe quality, functionality and a good fit is key when creating garments –from design to the final product.


A M K stands for Anna Maria Krestina, names I inherited from creative women in my family. Living in the Swedish countryside, I learnt the beauty of aging and recycling of products.


My mother Anna-Krestina taught me that there is no such thing as waste - there is a new life for everything. My grandmother Anna-Stina worked with natural dyes and knew how to face life with a smile. It is this background that inspires me to create products while working with like-minded people and together taking care of Mother Earth.


I’m based in Amsterdam but work across the globe, offering online services as well as physical projects. My mission is to share, educate and continue to create beautiful and sustainable products. 

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