Scandienne is a wordplay on Scandinavian + Parisienne. The brand mixes the two cultural aesthetics since the founder Sandra was born on a farm in Sweden and is a lover of workwear, but also lived in Paris for years with all it’s art and couture. I was approached by Sandra because of my experience and competence in utility clothing to help her with two workwear inspired items. 


Scandienne's Moules Free Fall/Winter 2019/2020 was inspired by artist Sigrid Hjertén’s life as well as the core aesthetics of the brand - the Parisian femininity and the Scandinavian heritage of practical and no nonsense clothing. The name is a word play on the traditional French dish Moules Frites.

AMK atelier supported Scandienne with pattern making and stitched up two of her garments; a workwear inspired overall with glitter pipings and a tailored jacket.