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recycled jeans
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With AMK atelier, no dream or project is too big!


Creativity is at the core of what I do, and I am open to all of your ideas. 


Build on your brand story and use your overstock creatively

The fashion industry is already notorious for its overstock and the recent climate has seen consumer buying behaviour change rapidly, leaving brands with even more stock. How can we get creative and use this to tell a new story about your brand?

- Can the produced garments be sold again in a later season?

- Could the garments be modified or tailored to be moved back into the core collections?

- Would a new dedicated up-cycle overstock collection’ tell the story for your brand - that you're conscious about your stocked garments? 

recycled jeans


Do you dream of your own unique, tailormade garment? 

Using your inspiration, together we can design and create a garment to fit you perfectly.


- Design and create the silhouette and shape of the garment/product.

- Source materials and prepare trims.

- Fittings to sign off designs and fit.

- Stitched and made in the AMK atelier by me in Amsterdam.

If you have ideas of garments that you would like to create a pattern for to develop your ideas further, AMK atelier offers each development with graded size spec and patterns fitting all body shapes. 


Let's create a standout showcase collection together, highlighting your company's expertise in design, fabric innovation, craftsmanship, and garment finishing.

At AMK atelier, we're with you every step of the way. From initial ideas to final execution, we offer comprehensive support in design, development, visual merchandising, and content creation. We'll help tell your brand's story through compelling narratives in videos, photo shoots, and visual presentations, including look books.

Whether you're a brand, manufacturer, fabric mill, or laundry, we tailor collections to meet today's market demands. Specializing in intricate constructions and sustainable practices, we guide you from fiber selection to the finished product. Our focus on storytelling ensures your brand's journey resonates with your audience.

Explore successful collaborations to see the possibilities!



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