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AMK atelier received boxes with old stock and second choice garments. The different shades and pieces of material that were salvaged after unpicking, formed the basis for new garments.


Kings of Indigo's Triple R philosophy means more love and respect for the clothes – do what you can to preserve the life of your garment. Reuse and re-wear your clothes more than once, grab a needle and thread and repair the hole in your jeans and when it’s really time, cut it up and make it into something new! 


The challenge in a project like this is that each piece of fabric is unique in both shape, shade and quality. By placing the fabrics together the magic happens and the colour blocks comes alive. 

Another challenge in this is to create well fitting garments out of the patched unpicked denim pieces. The garments needs to fit well and look stunning - that's key!

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 14.06.15.png
Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 14.07.44.png




Kings Of Indigo created an online community of #reusetheblues creatives.

Each year they sent those who had signed up a pair of B-choice jeans, a canvas bag and a recycled metal button. The objective was simple – get creative!

Sign in to join #reusetheblues and follow Kings Of Indigo here

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