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Bart’s idea was to create a functional and timeless jacket that he could wear across all of New Zealand’s seasons, where he lives with his family. Bart has a big passion for jackets, and decided on a smock jacket as an ideal choice for outdoor activities, with a loose fit for free movement and water and windproof for all kinds of weather, but made out of cotton to remain breathable.



Design & construction

- Bart shared his wishes and ideas for his dream smock by sending pictures for inspiration, and I created a board with collected ideas. 

Fitting and size

- Bart shared his measurements and I collected pictures of similar styles with those measurements in mind. When the ideas were set, I created the pattern and made a first primo for a virtual fitting.

Cut & sew

- After the designs and details were set, I sourced the fabric and trims for the creation of the jacket. 


As with all products, it all starts with good quality fabrics. 

This smock jacket is made of an army green oilskin fabric made in the U.K.

Oilskin - waxed cotton 

- A vintage feel, grass green plain weave in organic cotton. The finish is drier and crisper than our other oilskins with a matte appearance. This type of oilskin is water resistant. It is treated with an emulsified wax which is heat-processed into the cloth for a longer lasting finish.  


- The jacket is finished with cord that's been dyed in turmeric to become yellow and overdyed with indigo to achieve the army green colour. The pockets has hidden snap buttons and the front closer is made with eyelets. 



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