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This Dungaree is made out of old jeans from the sustainable denim brand Kings Of Indigo. Each piece is carefully selected and cut out from the recycled denim in a shape to create this jumpsuit. To make a pattern to a fitted jacket based on old jeans there are several things to keep in mind. Each pattern piece needs to be made in a “cut” to fit a jeans panel, and keep the shape of the new fit and to be stitched together to a garment. Before placing the pattern pieces, all jeans need to be unpicked and sorted by color and shade, finally placing the patchwork – it’s a pattern piece puzzle.


Size and style are unisex – see measurements for more information.


This project was made for Kings Of Indigo, and I would highly recommend you to visit their website here and check out their collections and work for a more sustainable denim product!


Below is more info about the philosophy from the collaboration!


"The Triple R: repair, reuse, recycle is one of our founding philosophies and is an example of our fifth pillar of sustainability: waste management.

Our Triple R philosophy also means more love and respect for the clothes – do what you can to preserve the life of your garment. Reuse and re-wear your clothes more than once, grab a needle and thread and repair the hole in your jeans and when it’s really time, cut it up and make it into something new!" - Kings Of Indigo

Recycled jeans - Dungaree

  • Details

    Size: S



    Seat: 54cm

    Inseam: 75cm



    Shell fabric: Recycled jeans

    Trims: Recycled jeans buttons


    Made in Amsterdam


    This project was made for Kings Of Indigo, read more about how this jacket was created in my portfolio here

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