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Knowledge is the foundation that helps us to grow. By knowing how things work, we can develop our ideas, think practically and creatively, and challenge ourselves to think outside the box. AMK atelier hosts workshops in our atelier for brands, mills, and schools. Additionally, we can arrange workshops at various locations and even in different countries to accommodate our client's needs.



Looking for new skills and knowledge?

AMK atelier offers several workshops for teams, schools and private groups. Tap into your creativity and give yourself the chance to learn a new skill or brush up on old ones! Great as a team bonding activity or among friends or classmates.

Examples of workshops include:

- Care & Repair your products or garments with decorative techniques.

- Pattern making for beginners.

- Create your own garment.

- Create your own jeans.

 If your organisation has ideas, bespoke workshops can be put together to match your wishes. 

Workshop dates will show on AMK Instagram -  or Email for more details.



Invest in new knowledge for your organisation!

Knowledge and inspiration are essential to encourage growth in people. I can offer a range of lectures to businesses and schools to give your team or students the tools they need to create great products and garments. 

Examples of lectures include;

- Fitting & Body sizes

- The History of Denim

- Recycling & repairing garments

- Denim DNA

- Washing & Finishing

Contact me here for your ideas for a possible lecture.



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